Developing Leadership and Support for Professional Learning Communities for Urban Science Teaching

A collaborative project of Michigan State University and the Lansing School District,
funded by the National Science Foundation.

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Individual project staff members (both past and present) can be contacted as follows:

Name E-mail Work Phone
Linda Angel-Weinberg Linda.Angel-Weinberg@lansingschools.net (517) 722 - 2784
Theron Blakeslee tblakesl@inghamisd.org   (517) 244 - 1201
Shih-pei Chang changs12@msu.edu  
In-Young Cho choinyou@msu.edu  
Marc Colitti marc_colitti@yahoo.com  
Frank Dudish fdudish@alum.rpi.edu
Tena French frenchc@msu.edu (517) 432 - 4643
Kelly Grindstaff grindst2@msu.edu  
Jan Henderson jahender@lsd.k12.mi.us  
Shinho Jang jangshin@msu.edu
Hui Jin jinhui@msu.edu  
Mara Lud Mara.Lud@lansingschools.net (517) 325 - 6173
Viola Manokore  
Brett Merritt merrittb@msu.edu  
Jamie Mikeska mikeskaj@msu.edu  
Rui Niu niurui@msu.edu
Sharron Norman Sharron.Norman@lansingschools.net (517) 325 - 7594
Gail Richmond gailr@msu.edu (517) 432 - 4854
Jeff Rozelle rozellej@msu.edu  
Christina Schwarz cschwarz@msu.edu (517) 432 - 4851
Deborah C. Smith Deborah.Smith@lansingschools.net.us (517) 325 - 6890
Edward L. Smith edsmith@msu.edu (517) 432 - 4878
R. Timothy Smith Robert.Smith@lansingschools.net (517) 755 - 2903
Han Han Thi thihan@msu.edu
Steven F. Tuckey tuckeys1@msu.edu
Josie Zesaguli

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