PI-CRUST's 2006 Summer Learning Institute (SLI)


Our PI-CRUST Project offers three types of professional development (PD) opportunities to assist K-8 teachers and administrators in the Lansing School District to improve their science learning and teaching, and eventually to serve as resource mentors for their district colleagues.  The three kinds of PD opportunities include:

  1. Grade-specific "Professional Learning Community" (PLC) science study groups that meet twice per month after school during the school year.

    [ Click here for the 2005-2006 PLC Meeting Schedules. ]

  2. One-on-one classroom-based support and mentoring during the teaching of a science focus unit.

  3. Week-long grade-specific Summer Learning Institute (SLI) sessions, typically offered at Woodcreek Elementary Magnet School in June, following the conclusion of the school year, although this summer some sessions have chosen to meet at other locations in July or August.


Here is the schedule for our PI-CRUST Project 2006 Summer Learning Institute (SLI) sessions:


Schedule for PI-CRUST 2006 SLI


PLC / Grade Dates Location and Facilitator Focus Unit
  K June 19 - June 23

Woodcreek Magnet School

Dr. Deborah C. Smith      325-6890

"Kb: What Happens to Trash?"
Mixtures, Sorting, and Recycling


1 July 24 - July 28

Erickson Hall, MSU

Dr. Edward L. Smith      432-4878

"1b: Testing Materials"


2 June 14-16 & 28-29

Woodcreek Magnet School

Dr. Deborah C. Smith      325-6890

"2c: Sound"


3 July 31 - August 4

Erickson Hall, MSU

Dr. Edward L. Smith      432-4878

"3b: Lights and Shadows"



August 7 - August 11

LSD Education Center  -  Room 222

Dr. R. Timothy Smith      755-2903

"4d: Ecosystems"



August 21 - August 25

LSD Education Center  -  Room 222

Dr. R. Timothy Smith      755-2903

"5a: Astronomy -- Objects in the Sky"
The Sun, Earth, and Moon



August 21 - August 23

Otto Middle School  -  Room 113

Dr. Christina V. Schwarz      432-4851

&    Tawny Alvarado

"6d: The Changing Earth"


7 June 14-16 & 20-21

Woodcreek Magnet School

Dr. Gail Richmond      432-4854

"7a: Ecosystems" and

"7d: Flowering Plants"



August 7 - August 11

Erickson Hall, MSU

Dr. Gail Richmond      432-4854

"8a: Introduction to Chemistry"

and "8d: Chemistry Two"


June 19 - 20 - 21  PM

Woodcreek Magnet School

Dr. R. Timothy Smith      755-2903

Recognizing "Inquiry-Based" Science Teaching and Learning



For additional information contact the Facilitator(s) for the session(s) in which you are interested,

or R. Timothy Smith by phone (755-2903), e-mail (Robert.Smith@lansingschools.net),

or via district courier mailed to:  "R. Timothy Smith, Education Center - room 226"


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