A T T E N T I O N !

J  New Staff!   L   Old Staff!   J   Displaced Staff!   L

Experienced Staff!   Inexperienced Staff!   2005-2006 Interns!   Prior PI-CRUST Participants!

Science Experts!   Science Novices!

( Although it certainly wouldn’t hurt, no prior science teaching or PI-CRUST experience is required;

just bring your curiosity and desire to learn! )

Lansing School District Elementary and Middle School Teachers and Principals

You can join us as an interested individual;

or better yet, recruit a team of participants from your school!

You are invited to join our PI-CRUST* Project’s 2005 Summer Learning Institute (SLI*)

Each Professional Learning Community’s (PLC*) grade-specific SLI session will run for approximately five days.

Dates and focus topics for each session are listed in the table below.


NSF-Funded PI-CRUST 2005 Summer Learning Institute Tentative Schedule




Focus Unit


Deb Smith

June 16-17 & 20-21-22

"Ka: Weather" and "Kc: Animals"


Ed Smith

June 14-15-16-17 & 20

"1c: Plants" (and possibly "1a: Motion")


Deb Smith

June 27 – July 1, 2005

"2b: Water Planet"


Ed Smith

June 14-15-16 & 21-22

"3d: Plants" (and possibly "3c: Motion")


Tim Smith

June 27 – July 1, 2005

"4c: Plants"


Tim Smith

August 8-12, 2005

"5b: Heat and Physical Changes"


Christina Schwarz

June 15-16-17 & 20-21

"6a: Science & Technology” (integrated across the school year)


Gail Richmond

June 14-15-16 & 21-22-23

"7a: Classification and Ecosystems"


Gail Richmond

August ?

“8a & 8d: Chemistry”


We are currently making arrangements to hold at least the June SLI sessions at Woodcreek Magnet School (which is air conditioned).    Locations for the August SLI sessions are still being negotiated.    (Fifth grade will likely meet at Willow Elementary School.)

Daily sessions start at 9:00 AM, take a break for lunch, and conclude by 3:00 PM.    While we would strongly recommend (and prefer) that you plan to attend all sessions for your grade level for the best learning experience, we can probably “negotiate” some leeway if you cannot make all the dates.    We also plan to offer SB-CEUs for participation in these sessions.  Please note that award of CEUs requires regular attendance.


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*  All the acronyms you need to know:

PI-CRUST       =        Professional Inquiry Communities for Reform-based Urban Science Teaching

SLI                 =        Summer Learning Institute

PLC                =        Professional Learning Community





What happens during a PI-CRUST SLI?

·       SLI teachers receive a stipend for PI-CRUST SLI participation. 

·       We also provide daily refreshments – but you’ll have to supply your own lunch.  J

·       PI-CRUST provides necessary materials like resource books, software, and supplies for trying ideas in your classroom that we may develop.

·       We begin by increasing our own understanding of our focus unit content by examining current state and national standards for science, paired with our own hands-on inquiry-based exploration of that content.  PI-CRUST participants and facilitators work together in a safe, supportive learning environment.  We learn both the content and processes of authentic science inquiry together.

·       We analyze existing curriculum materials and assessments that may support teaching and learning our focus unit content.  When necessary, we revise or develop activities, investigations, materials, and assessments to improve and supplement those already adopted.

·       We consider how students (and adults) learn science, along with research-based strategies we can use in our teaching to support authentic inquiry-based science learning by our students.  This can include increasing our familiarity with and abilities to implement our LSD science program using the “5E” instructional model, “science talks,” “science journals,” and “collaborative teams.”

·       As we become more expert at understanding and teaching the science content for our grade level, PI-CRUST participants are encouraged to consider serving as resource or mentor teachers for our LSD colleagues and MSU Interns.

·       SLI participants are encouraged to extend their science learning by continuing to participate in grade-specific PLC meetings held twice monthly after school during the school year.  (LSD teachers are paid for after-school participation.)


Interested?    Then please fill out

and return the attached application ASAP via district courier to:

R. Timothy Smith
LSD Elementary Science Teacher Specialist
Education Center  -  Room 304


If you have additional questions,

please contact any of our PI-CRUST Project Facilitators:


Deborah Smith


LSD Woodcreek Magnet School



Edward Smith

PLC-1 & PLC-3

MSU  -  325 Erickson Hall



R. Timothy Smith

PLC-4 & PLC-5

LSD-ESTS  Education Ctr. 304



Christina Schwarz


MSU  -  332 Erickson Hall



Gail Richmond

PLC-7 & PLC-8

MSU  -  319 Erickson Hall